Wetrooms & Bathrooms

JBT Plumbing and Heating are the local experts when it comes to wetroom installations. We are proud to work with Yarlington Homes installing bathrooms and wet floor adaptations, and can help with both design and fitting of new bathrooms in the Yeovil area.

New bathrooms and wet rooms

Although a new bathroom or wet room can add value to your home, we know that budget doesn’t always permit major projects, and we regularly undertake smaller bathroom refits such as repairing or replacing toilets, cisterns, sinks and taps as well as baths and showers and shower enclosures. We can advise on shower systems such as thermostatic bar valves, power showers or electric showers, and can give you an indication of the type of temperature and water pressure your boiler will be able to deliver. All our engineers are fully qualified and insured to carry out work on domestic property and an NIC assured electrician is used for all electrical work undertaken. Naturally all relevant certification will be provided for gas and electrical work carried out on your premises.

Wet rooms are increasingly popular both as a stylish modern alternative to a traditional bathroom and also as an adaptation for disabled or elderly users. They are easy to maintain and keep clean, and when properly installed will not have any water leakage.

Once the room has been surveyed and the wet room design agreed with you, we will schedule the works:

  • remove all the old fixtures and fittings
  • floor in the area of the shower is excavated
  • alteration is made to the waste
  • floor is floated back in to incorporate a shallow fall towards the new drain
  • First fix pipework is then installed to supply water to the new sanitary ware and shower
  • Water tight altro-marine floor is laid across the entire room
  • Boxing in of pipework where required or any other joinery
  • New sanitary ware installed, including any electrics
  • Tiling and decorating including plastering


What sort of shower do I need?

There are several different types of shower system and which is right for you will depend not only on your family’s requirements but also on the type of boiler or water heating system you have installed and the water pressure available.

  1. Mixer shower—Mixes hot and cold water supplies together manually so will need a good hot water supply and sufficient water pressure. These can either be manually or thermostatically controlled which will mean the valves compensate for changes in the flow of water to keep the temperature steady, for example if someone fills a kettle while you are showering.
  2. Electric shower—Quick and easy to fit, electric showers have their own heating element meaning only a cold water supply is required. Electric showers are a less efficient way to heat water for a shower than drawing on your existing hot water supply.
  3. Power shower—Power showers draw from both the hot and cold water supplies and contain an internal pump to boost your water pressure. Power showers can be particularly useful if your central water heating system is inadequate, or if you want more than one shower in a home and don’t want them to compete for hot water.

If you would like a no obligation quote on a wetroom or bathroom project, en suite refit or new installation or adaptation, get in touch to find out more. Usually our clients find their project needn't cost as much as they expect!