Renewable Energy

MCS Accredited Renewable Energy Specialists

At JBT, MCS approved , we are pleased to offer our prospective clients the opportunity to drastically reduce their heating costs and reduce CO2 emissions. Reduction in harmful emissions is something that we are personally passionate about. With this in mind we will always design any heating system to operate at maximum efficiency.

Our system design can create a system which can be in the region of 300% efficient. This is achieved by using 1 Kilowatt of electrical energy to extract, via a heat pump, a further 2 Kilowatts of renewable heat energy from the surrounding environment. If using an electrically powered heat pump to replace an electrically powered conventional heating system this can reduce heating costs by up to 70%.

The systems usually qualify for payments from the governments Renewable Heat Incentive, RHI. Under this scheme you will be paid for generating the renewable portion of heat your system produces. Payments are paid every quarter for 7 years and can be as much as £14,000.

It may also be possible to use the assignment of rights scheme.This scheme allows the system owner to waive their right to the RHI payments and asign it to a 3rd party, possibly an investor.

All of our renewable installations are covered by HIES which is a consumer protection body set up to provide consumer support in the event of company collapse or installation problems.

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