Disabled Adaptations

If you or someone in your home is disabled, less mobile or elderly, adapting your bathroom can make a huge difference to your independence and quality of life. Even for elderly people without mobility issues, bathrooms are one of the primary locations for falls due to the confined space and slippery conditions, so adapting the room to prevent accidents is highly recommended.

How to adapt your bathroom to improve accessibility

If you need additional equipment in the bathroom to aid your independence, or need space to allow a carer to assist you, adapting your bathroom can be undertaken in a way which still looks and feels like a normal bathroom. This might include

  • access ramps and widening of doorways
  • moving of electrical switches and power points to suit required height
  • wet room installation
  • anti-slip flooring
  • lowered sinks
  • grab rails
  • easy to use lever taps or remote controlled facilities


Our experience in designing and installing wet rooms and adapting bathrooms means we will be able to advise on the options available to you and what a suitable budget might be. You may also be eligible for funding to go towards the cost of such an adaption. Find out more about our wet room installations or contact us if you aren’t sure what the best approach is for adapting your bathroom or ensuite.