Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is an efficient method of distributing heat into a building to provide comfortable space heating. Lower temperatures (around 40°C) can be distributed over a larger area than the higher temperatures (around 70°C) needed for wall mounted radiators.  Underfloor heating is invisible and clutter-free and radiates heat gently from ground level to avoid the convection and heat losses generated by wall mounted radiators.  At John Beattie we have extensive experience and expertise in designing, installing and maintaining Underfloor Heating systems that achieve perfect indoor climate control, whilst providing the benefit of luxurious warm floors.

Underfloor Heating (UFH) is an increasingly popular choice for architects, builders and property developers and appeals both to homeowners and the construction industry because of its advantages over conventional heating systems. We can install Underfloor Heating UFH systems in both commercial and domestic properties and for virtually all floor types.

The installation of underfloor heating is something that, due to its very nature, is carried out during the build of the house. It is very simple to fit once designed correctly and works very well with renewable technologies such as heat pumps. If you are building a new house and would like more information on this type of heating then please give us a call on 01935 428852 to discuss as we can design and install the entire package.