MCS Accredited Renewable Energy Specialists

The John Beattie Ltd Team provide comprehensive MCS approved renewable air and ground source heating system integration. John Beattie are experienced and qualified in all aspects   from project initiation to completion, in maintenance and consultancy for both domestic, community and commercial / larger scale  implementations.  There is a growing trend towards this type of heating. This is mainly fuelled by the government's RHI (renewable heat incentive) scheme in which owners of such systems can claim a cash payment for the renewable energy their technology generates. This can be claimed for seven years from commissioning the system. In order to obtain these payments the system needs to be installed and commissioned by a company that is MCS registered for the relevant technology. The MCS, microgeneration certification scheme, is a government body that ensures all renewable technologies are installed according to strict codes of practice. We are an MCS accredited company and so adhere to these strict guidelines. The design and registration of these systems is very complex and involves much paperwork and calculations. All of the calculations and paper work are recorded at our office and several other secure locations. All of the paperwork relating to the job must be handed to the client, some before the installation and the remainder upon completion. We are covered by the recc , renewable energy consumer code, which serves to protect the client and is your guarantee of a regulation compliant installation for which RHI can be claimed.

Renewable Energy technologies are a system of devices that work together to utilise natural and naturally replenished resources, such as heat from the sun, wind, water or from biomass, to provide heated water, space heating and electricity. Microgeneration technologies is a descriptive term for renewable energy systems which are scaled to accommodate domestic and commercial properties.