Plumbing and Heating Installation

PLUMBING AND HEATING INSTALLATION: From a tap washer to a 30,000 litre water storage tank and everything in between. WRAS approved installers.

UNVENTED CYLINDER INSTALLATIONS: J BEATTIE LTD are approved installers of unvented hot water storage systems. All our installation operatives hold G3 regulation qualifications as unvented systems can be extremely dangerous if not installed correctly. These systems have to be notified to the local authorities building control department before installation. A procedure that only a registered and suitably qualified company can carry out.

BOILER REPLACEMENTS AND HEATING UPGRADES: Unfortunately for us all, every household item has a finite lifespan. Your central heating system is no exception. We can replace any part of your heating system from the entire boiler, or parts therein, to a radiator valve. When a boiler is changed your entire system will be treated to a chemically enhanced flush to remove any debris and sludge.  When the boiler change is complete the system will be treated with a chemical inhibitor to prevent corrosion and gassing up of the system. This process is, in our view, crucial as it will reduce fuel wastage and increase efficiency. A sample of your system water will be collected and sent for analysis to establish that inhibitor levels are correct and that no harmful contaminents are still present in the system. We can also upgrade systems so they meet with current building regulations which will also save fuel. All boilers fitted are “A”rated,high efficiency, condensing boilers and we prefer to endorse boilers that we have worked with for more than 20 years and have a proven track record for reliability and service. We will not fit lesser products just because they are inexpensive as this is a false economy and leads to unhappy clients and bad reputation.