COMPLETE HEATING INSTALLATIONS:  heating installations designed and installed to clients specific needs and requirements.  Fully qualified for the installation of natural gas, oil, solid fuel and heat pump systems.

BOILER REPLACEMENTS AND HEATING UPGRADES: Unfortunately for us all, every household item has a finite lifespan. Your central heating system is no exception. We can replace any part of your heating system from the entire boiler, or parts therein, to a radiator valve. When a boiler is changed your entire system will be treated to a chemically enhanced  flush to remove any debris and sludge. When the boiler change is complete the system will be treated with a chemical inhibitor to prevent corrosion and gassing up of the system. This process is, in our view, crucial as it will reduce fuel wastage and increase efficiency. A sample of your system water will be collected and sent for analysis to establish that inhibitor levels are correct and that no harmful contaminents are still present in the system. We can also upgrade systems so they meet with current building regulations which will also save fuel.  All boilers fitted are “A”rated condensing boilers and we prefer to endorse boilers that we have worked with for more than 20 years and have a proven track record for reliability and service. We will not fit lesser products just because they are inexpensive as this is a false economy and leads to unhappy clients and bad reputation.


There is a growing trend towards this type of heating. This is mainly fuelled by the governments RHI (renewable heat insentive) scheme in which owners of such systems can claim a cash payment for the renewable energy their technology generates. This can be claimed for seven years from commissioning the system. In order to obtain these payments the system needs to be installed and commissioned by a company that is MCS registered for the relevant technology. The MCS, microgeneration certification scheme, is a government body that ensures all renewable technologies are installed according to strict codes of practice. We are an MCS accredited company and so  adhere to these strict guidelines. The design and registration of these systems is very  complex and involves much paper work and calculations. All of the calculations and paper work are recorded at our office and several other secure locations. All of the paper work relating to the job must be handed to the client, some before the installation and the remainder upon completion. We are covered by the recc , renewable energy consumer code, which serves to protect the client and is your guarantee of a regulation compliant installation for which RHI can be claimed.

GAS AND OIL HEATING INSTALLATIONS:  At  J BEATTIE LTD We pride ourselves on getting things right. This is evident from the very first contact with the company right through to the completion of the job. We endeavour to treat our customers with the utmost care and respect and firmly believe that everybody deserves to be warm at a price that is not out of this world. When an inquiry is received we will make an appointment to visit you at a time that is mutually acceptable. During the visit we will establish  your needs and advise you on the most practical and cost effective means of delivering your requirements. When this stage is complete we will carry out heat loss calculations and design a system for you. We will then revisit  and explain exactly what work we intend to do for you. There will be no hidden extras. If all is agreed we will make an appointment for the works to be completed. Works will be carried out in a neat and tidy manner and all left in good order at the end of every day.  Upon completion of the system it will be commissioned to the manufacturers instructions, the systems operation explained, all relevant certificates will be issued and the local authorities building control department will be notified if required. Oil fired systems will be treated in exactly the same way as above but with more in depth consultation with the client due to oil storage tank location etc.