Unvented Cylinder Installations

J BEATTIE LTD are approved installers of unvented hot water storage systems. All our installation operatives hold G3 regulation qualifications as unvented systems can be extremely dangerous if not installed correctly. These systems have to be notified to the local authorities building control department before installation. A procedure that only a registered and suitably qualified company can carry out.

The benefits of an unvented hot water system are:

  • Increased hot water flow rates because unvented cylinders deliver increased pressure for the bath, shower and kitchen.

  • Freeing the loft from the water header/feeder tanks which traditional systems use.

  • Flexible unit installation position because unvented cylinders can easily be mounted anywhere in the property, for instance within the garage, thus allowing much more space in the airing-cupboard.

  • Less noisy mains water system, because unvented systems do not call for external feeder tanks, there is no tank-filling noises emanating from the attic.

  • No more frozen pipes in the loft because having an unvented cylinder heating system means there is no need for exposed pipes to freezing.

  • Domestic unvented hot water tanks are simple to install

  • The hot water cylinders are manufactured to have a long lifespan, which guarantees excellent value for money

With lots of new properties currently having two or more bathrooms, together with an extraordinary array of products which use hot water, consumers do not accept a system that can not cope with the hot water requirements of today’s busy lifestyles. Due to lengthy working hours, time at home is precious and people these days don't want to wait for the the hot water to warm up, neither will they accept a trickle from the shower. An unvented cylinder and central heating system is the solution, providing virtually limitless quantities of domestic hot water, at a strong pressure for your shower as well as any other domestic uses.  We will be pleased to offer free advice for new-builds or customers wanting to upgrade their hot water system from a traditional vented system to a modern unvented one.